Although the composition is a decisive factor with regard to the efficacy of a preparation, the safety of a nutrient combination is no less important. Even if nutrients are relatively harmless by comparison with active pharmaceutical ingredients, there are nonetheless certain toxicological parameters that have to be taken into account in nutrient preparations: The homogeneity and compatibility of the individual active substances, their microbiological safety, the physical and chemical stability, and the dosage are among the most important safety parameters for ingredients and formulations.

Due to our long-standing experience in the field of galenic development we are able to develop individual nutrient preparations for you that take their later marketability into account. State-of-the-art technologies from the field of galenics and analytics support us in these developments and the paramount stability tests.Our internal medico-scientific department gives us access to more than 9,000 technical publications worldwide. With this know-how we are able to formulate evidence-based high-quality recipes for products which are thus distinctly superior to competing products.

In addition to these development activities, we also focus on the research and development of proprietary high-quality raw materials. These raw materials based on germinating cereal grains, cereal grasses, valuable oil seeds and high-quality potatoes contain botanical vitamins, trace elements and minerals in their biologically active forms. This lends them a higher level of bio-availability than conventional synthetic derivatives.

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