Sustainable storage

Ecological timber construction

Sustainable storage

Empty capsules, folding boxes, tins, leaflets, labels, measuring spoons, measuring cups, more than 800 raw materials, packaging materials… our stock list keeps growing constantly. As a result, our storage space became increasingly scarce a few years ago. Hence, it became essential to expand our site in Moosham to provide for additional storage capacity. However, a conventional storage facility with steel structures and a sheet metal façade doesn’t quite fit into the idyllic landscape of Salzburg’s Lungau region. This is why we opted for an ecological sound and attractive timber construction that blends in in harmony with our natural location in Unternberg.

The warehouse expansion started in 2018 and the new high-rack warehouse system was put into operation at the end of 2019.

The timber construction was built using energy-saving regional larch wood, which was exclusively cut during the new moon According to tradition, such wood cut at this period of the moon is of a much higher quality than conventional wood. Among other things, it is said to have a higher density and is therefore more suitable for building structures from the point of view of statics. Furthermore, it is not necessary to provide an air-conditioning system for the storage facilities. State-of-the-art timber construction ensures that there is no fluctuation of temperature and humidity, and this helps to avoid implementing an energy-intensive air conditioning system.



High-tech in the countryside

All incoming raw materials and materials receive an assigned QR code upon delivery. From this specific moment onwards, every movement of the raw material is recorded electronically and documented until the product is finished.  This enables complete traceability of the work processes at any given moment in time.

Altogether, our warehouse offers space for a total of 1,500 pallets. Currently we have stored 811 different raw materials with a total weight of 350 tons which is equivalent to the weight of 58 African elephants. Of these, 20 tons alone are vitamins. We also store more than 115 million empty capsules. If we were to line them up, we could circle the country of Austria once.