PANMOL® NADH: an energy boost

Vegetable ingredients for innovative products

No matter whether you’re exercising, trying to overcome a jet lag, writing an exam or fighting chronic fatigue syndrome and Long Covid: In its function as “the spark plug of the human organism”, NADH provides the energy you need to be physically and mentally more productive, and this in a fast and uncomplicated way.

However, there is a catch: Although NADH is the strongest energy and electron donor due to its ability to quickly respond, it is also very sensitive to light, oxygen and other active ingredients.

A patented coating process has made it possible to stabilize NADH by means of natural ingredients. Due to the special microencapsulation PANMOL® NADH retains its effectiveness; it can be taken orally or it can be combined with other ingredients and it is prepared to be stored for 36 months under standard conditions.


… is developed and encapsulated at vis vitalis gmbh as a stand-alone ingredient or in combination with other active substances.

… offers an effective USP for successful products in the fields of activity and performance, attention and concentration, vitality and resilience.

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