Monoblister: Polypropylene blister and sealing film

PP monoblisters - the environmentally friendly alternative without aluminum

Food supplements are often packed in blister packs, mainly for hygienic reasons. Thus, each capsule is individually sealed and protected from oxygen, humidity and other influences that can have negative effects on product quality. Conventional blisters cannot be recycled due to the use of plastic thermoformed films in combination with a cover film made of aluminum or PVC. Hence they must be disposed as residual waste. We at vis vitalis gmbh are the only contract manufacturer in Austria that offers an environmentally friendly alternative. We can package your product in PP monoblisters. All components of the blister, both the thermoforming film and the sealing film are made of fully recyclable PP and it can be disposed in the yellow garbage container or the yellow bag. Subsequently, PP is either processed as a recycled product for reuse or it is directly re-melted into new products. PP is odorless, perfectly suitable for use in the field of food supplements and physiologically completely harmless. In addition, PP does not contain any volatile plasticizers, according to the German consumer association.