Development and production of patented raw materials


Raw Materials

Vegetable ingredients for your innovative product


Decades of research enabled the vis vitalis gmbh team to develop a new generation of complex plant vital substances: biologically active vitamins, minerals and trace elements made of germinating quinoa seeds and other ingredients from plants and the earth.
PANMOL® (PAN = Greek: all and MOL = Latin: molecules, particles) is the umbrella brand for these high-quality raw materials, which are used on a worldwide scale.

In contrast to synthetic micronutrients, PANMOL® VITAL SUBSTANCES are biologically active, plant-based, complex and longer active than isolated laboratory molecules. They combine nature, technology and innovation as the basis for your product idea.

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Your Benefit

USP for your product

  • Innovative ingredient from plant-based sources
  • Biologically active vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • High degree of brand awareness of the PANMOL® brand
  • Halal, kosher, patented, gluten-free, NON-GMO, vegan / vegetarian
  • Standardized composition appropriate to requirements
  • World’s highest levels of plant micronutrients
  • Unique variety of effects
  • Higher level of bio-availability
  • Wide range of applications in food supplements and food

Vegetable ingredients for innovative products

The PANMOL® product line

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